PROBABLY THE FUNNIEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER CREATED (Minecraft Song / Parody with FanArt Animation)

Watch probably the funniest video I’ve ever created featuring Simon singing! I asked on twitter for some cool fanart related to me/simon and pokemon … and then combined it into this video with Simon’s beautiful singing! 😀

► Simon’s channel:
► The T-shirt/Jetpack design is made by PixelSwiftDraws.
► If you (For some reason xD) Want a T-Shirt, this is the link:
► Thumbnail fanart by @CorrieRoses on twitter!
► The fan art in the video was created by (I hope I did add everyone)
Kiki Vakama, CorrieRoses, Abagail_Flare, BaelsWelsh, BodilismySENPAI, FireRed_02, CjDaGamerr, PixelCelery, jessplaysmc, PrincessAzaza, Electron128MC, DarkWolfSpaniel, Cheesus__Bri, Richhobom3

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►Background music by Kevin MacLeod (Latin sounds and others)
►The theme song he was singing was from POKEMON

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