Minecraft Speedrun: Simulation Protocol II Overload Attempt #2 (00:39:53:424)

800 attempts…

See below for info and commentary.


Gunter’s WR Run (Second Attempt) (00:39:53:424):
/>This video.

Gunter’s Run (First Attempt) (01:01:33:028):


Map: Simulation Protocol II: Overload by TikaroHD
You can download TikaroHD’s Simulation Protocol CTM series here: http://goo.gl/r6fctO

Difficulty: Hard

Minecraft Version: 1.7.2

Mods: OptiFine by sp614x
You can download OptiFine here: http://goo.gl/KE1O8P

Textures: Default


Music made by Waterflame.
You can find Waterflame’s music here: http://goo.gl/jjMzZx


Well after so much tears and raging I finally made it! Catching endermans was indeed hard task, and really make this run perfect… From black wool I began so shaking what even make some mistakes and fails (In black wool mines pillaring, in Brown wool teleportation by ender pearl, in light gray wool pillaring, placing wool in monument, etc)

I decided to run it in 1.7.2 cause in this version really little natural spawn what awesome 😀 But endermans so rare…

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