Minecraft Speedrun: Enter the Nether (00:00:42,910) [World Record]

YES! Under a minute!!
I used a random seed for this run.

I based all my attempts on getting a Village with 10+ Obsidian and 1+ Iron in it and I was expecting way over 2000 attempts after me and the Speedrunning Guild did some math to find out the chance.
I got super lucky and only needed 191 attempts!

But here it is, the ultimate (almost) Nether speedrun.
Hope you enjoy it! 😀

Speedrun Info:

Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
Objective: Enter the Nether
Category: Random seed, glitchless
Attempts Needed: 191
(Time starts when the player GUI appears and stops when you dissapear from the Overworld)

* Play in the newest version of Minecraft
* Do NOT play on peaceful (Hardcore or Hard is recommended)
* Create a new world without a seed (random seed)
* No Glitches or Bugs


It Ends (RETRO)
– Danny Baranowsky



Feel free to suggest what I should speedrun/TAS next!

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