MINECRAFT Parody Animation Fighting Song

Music : Fight Song
Hello Everyone Hope You Guys Liked This Video/Animation that i made
its been in the making for 4-5 days and this is my first animation ever

Before I Say AnyThing Else I Would Like To Say Thanks To Everyone
Who Supported Me So Far Even Doe
I Only Have 1oo Subs At The Moment. I Still Very Much Love
The Support 😀

And Also The girl Role In This Video Was By SuperPiggles
Whe Did One Video Togheter
Very Nice And Funny If You Want To check her out
Heres Her Channel
-SuperPiggles https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0SACOszV0GtgO2DxG2OEew

Andd Also The Boy’s Role was played by me / funjason750
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