♫ “Lucky Day” – Minecraft Parody of Katy Perry – Birthday (LUCKY BLOCK SONG)

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▼ Credits! ▼
Produced, written & sung by Phantaboulous:
Kinetic Typography by KuroDot:
Art by Pixelswift:

Special thanks to:
Bexomondo: http://twitter.com/bexomondo
_cdoug: http://twitter.com/_cdoug
Yancey: http://twitter.com/um_sawcey
ButterfliesYT: http://twitter.com/butterfliesyt
Skepnoob: http://twitter.com/skepticpara
Cake: http://twitter.com/CakieAnimates
Tim: My roommate who was kind enough to film me very awkward
(if I forgot any of the body actors, so sorry! Send me a tweet!)

Also make sure to check out the Lucky Block mod by PlayerInDistress:

▼ Lyrics! ▼
I saw you digging, deep for diamond light,
Forever mining, all night.
They must be hidin’, coal is all I got,
I guess it’s harder than you thought.

Now come out and rise,
I got a surprise,
But take a step back is my advice.
You can be in luck,
But it can turn bad,
If I get rainbow sheep then I’ll be sad.

There’s a mystery,
Every time we play,
Another Lucky Block just spawned today,
Maybe you get wheat,
A trap you can’t escape,
It’s all one big gamble anyway.

Just make your wish,
Another Lucky Block just spawned today.
I’ll pray for gear,
It’s all one big gamble anyway.

C-crafting items, it is getting old,
Nothing to do with all this gold.
Extremely boring, building’s all we do,
It’s time to add in something new.

You can mod the game,
Then Forge is your bae,
But if you start crashing don’t complain.
You’ve gotta take risks,
And still can survive,
Everyone dies so max out life!


Just make your wish,
Another Lucky Block just spawned today.
I’ll pray for gear,
It’s all one big gamble anyway.

So let me help you with your joy persuit,
It’s time to bring out the Lucky cubes.
So let me help you with your joy pursuit,
It’s time to bring out the luck(x7) cubes!

Just make your wish,
Another Lucky Block just spawned today.
I’ll pray for gear,
It’s all one big gamble anyway.

Original song by Katy Perry:

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